Diablo 3’s Patch 2.3 – Return of the Cube and more

diablo patch 2.3

You have to love how much Diablo 3 has evolved like a long distance runner who had an extremely slow start but eventually managed to get so far ahead in the race that it was unexpected. Along the many years Diablo 3 has been out, it’s received an incredible amount of FREE DLC, and yes, I did have to put free in all caps because what other game comes out with free DLC especially in the wake of Bungie tossing out a half-baked DLC for $40.

But let’s not talk about garbage…..wait, let’s do! Because that’s one of the things that the new Diablo 3 patch is going to bring, or rather a way to convert garbage into gold: The Return of the Horadric Cube, now known as the Kanai Cube!


Suppose you managed to find a new legendary weapon that has awesome stats but with no passive, meanwhile the legendary weapon you’ve been using for so long and grown attached to because it causes one of your skills to become stupidly overpowered but you need the stats, and you have no idea what to do.

Well, the Kanai Cube has an answer for you: Why not both?

Thanks to the new design of the Cube, throwing your old weapon into the cube will transfer its passive ability like some kind of weapon reincarnation! Of course people will probably just use this Cube as a means to farm the crap out of Stones of Jordan and use that as the new currency much like Buds from TF2 (1 bud = 3 keys  = a little more than $7 according to tf2finance.com).

Oh, but you think that’s all the new patch has to offer? Try this on for size:

  • New Levels
  • New Boss
  • No more “Realm of Trials” – now you just choose which level of Greater Rift you start at
  • New Sets, Legendary Items and Adventure Mode rewards!
  • New Season Portraits and Achievements
  • 4 New Higher Difficulty Levels (Torment VII – X)
  • “Effort Based” Rewards from fights: The longer you spend in a fight, the greater the reward!

So you get ALL of that in the next patch for Diablo 3 for absolutely NOTHING! No hidden costs, fees or adverts at the front page of a game like Arkham Knight, nothing!

Can't even get the game to work on Day 1 and they're already shoving that season pass down your throat.

Can’t even get the game to work on Day 1 and they’re already shoving that season pass down your throat.

The patch is going to hit the Public Test Realm really soon and hopefully the rest of us will be seeing it in as little as a couple weeks. Hopefully. Maybe.

Source: Battle.net

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