Stan Lee doesn’t see why Spider-Man’s race or gender should change


Marvel officially revealed that Tom Holland is set to portray Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in the upcoming solo movie by Marvel and Sony. Before all of that, it was rumored that the character of Miles Morales was going to be Spider-Man, with people wanting Donald Glover (Community) to play the part. There are some fans who wanted to see Miles on the big screen, but then there are many more who wanted to see Peter Parker done right first. As for Parker, I highly doubt that Marvel and Sony gave black actors a chance to audition, since they probably wanted to focus on a white Parker. During an interview with Newsarama, Stan Lee agreed with the decision of the studios going with a white Parker.

“I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian or anything else, that he stay that way,” Lee said. “But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.”

What about a gay Peter Parker?

“I think the world has a place for gay superheroes, certainly. But again, I don’t see any reason to change the sexual proclivities of a character once they’ve already been established. I have no problem with creating new, homosexual superheroes.”

Some fans out there call others racist for not wanting a character’s race to change. Here is Lee’s comment about not wanting to change the character’s sexual preference or race:

“It has nothing to do with being anti-gay, or anti-black, or anti-Latino, or anything like that. Latino characters should stay Latino. The Black Panther should certainly not be Swiss. I just see no reason to change that which has already been established when it’s so easy to add new characters. I say create new characters the way you want to.”

He has mentioned before that the appeal of Spider-Man was that fans can imagine themselves as the web head.

“What I like about the costume is that anybody reading Spider-Man in any part of the world can imagine that they themselves are under the costume. And that’s a good thing.”

Do you think Peter Parker being black, hispanic or Asian is okay, or do you agree with Stan “The Man” Lee?

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