VOMO, the 20mph electric scooter under $400

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As a recently celebrated 20-year resident of Los Angeles, there’s nowhere on Earth I would rather call my home. That being said, it’s safe to assume I’ve been well-adjusted to life in a busy city with highways stretching for hundreds of miles in every direction. It’s also a fact that Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic jams on the planet. What would originally be a 10-minute commute to work could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic and the effectiveness/reliability of an app I’ve grown to love called Waze.

Suggestions of alternatives such as bikes or mopeds have been thrown out, but let’s face it, I’m lazy. My exercise comes from a gym routine that doesn’t need alteration, or the addition of a 20-minute bike ride through the unsafe streets inhabited by drivers just trying to save a few seconds from their morning or evening haul. Neither do I wish to be seen on a moped. Ever.

This was when I came across VOMO, aka Veetron.

VOMO main features include:

  •          LCD Multifunction Display
  •          350W Hub Motor
  •          36v 8.8 or 11.6 Samsung Lithium Ion Battery
  •          Tubeless Inflatable 8×2 inch tires
  •          Color options, Matte Black or Aluminum Silver
  •          Top Speed of 20mph and range of 25 miles
  •          120mm Rear Disc brake with safety cut off.
  •          5 Power assist modes
  •          Safety start mode for accidental acceleration prevention
  •          Foldable carry or rolling design
  •          High strength yet lightweight aluminium components

Vomo 1

Vomo 2VOMO is an electric scooter currently currently in the Indiegogo stages. This scooter claims not only 20 mph with a rider around 150 pounds, but also the distance of about 25 miles (a roundtrip to work and back for myself). Here’s a few interesting things that caught my attention while researching alternatives on the market.



Razor is pretty much the top dog in the scooter market since the ’90s. The lucky ones had a legitimate green wheel Razor scooter, while the rest of us had some knockoff that worked just as well for the first couple of months until the craze wore down. Razor doesn’t offer much in terms of performance electric scooters, and all of the others on the market start at a price tag of around $800, such as the 2015 Super. VOMO is currently being sold with an early bird special for $349.99.

While we haven’t given these bad boys a spin just yet, stay tuned for a special video and watch us Ridin’ Nerdy.

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