Sony introduces PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition

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Sony has released a video of itsĀ Ultimate Player 1Tb Edition. Everything looks to be physically the same, except for the hard drive that’s used to save your games. This is great for those looking to get into PlayStation and was worried about space. The system is planned to be released next month.

I have been using a 1Tb PS4 since launch when I switched out the HDD, and let me tell you that it is very helpful especially since I download a lot of digital games as well as the save data on all those games. Oh, not to mention that games require you to install on an HDD so it can access the data faster.

No word on what kind of drive it is, whether it’s SATA, SSD or a Hybrid Drive. Upon going to the site, you will be treated with this introduction…


But it could be due to the announcement just being made today that the site is down or maybe not fully available to be accessed. Either way you can check it out later for more details about this system.

Now that they introduced a 1Tb edition PS4, will you be getting one? Let us know.

The PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player edition is going to be released July 15, 2015.

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