Fans unite to #SaveHannibal

Hannibal 2

With the recent news of NBC’s Hannibal cancellation, fans have been using social media to get the word out to try to save their beloved show. Petitions have been made, images have been created, and everyone has been vocal about the loss of a fourth season. Fannibals, the nickname given to fans of Hannibal, have united with the producers of the show to try to save it or at least find a new network!

Creator Bryan Fuller and his team of writers has held strong with the fans and boasted his support to save Hannibal.

According to Variety, producers Gaumont Intl. Television and Martha De Laurentiis of the De Laurentiis Co. are actively shopping the show to new buyers and could potentially be saved. Hannibal’s Food Stylist Janice Poon and producer Loretta Ramos hinted at the possibility earlier today.

Fans have been writing to Netflix to help save their show. It has been done before. Fox’s The Mindy Project was cancelled after three seasons, but was saved by Hulu who will be hosting their fourth season. So, it could happen! Good luck, Fannibals!

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