E3 2015: Disney Infinity 3.0’s Inside Out Play Set has us stuck inside Riley’s head


Pixar’s Inside Out has just been released in theaters, and it’s about an 11 year old named Riley and her emotions that live in her head. These emotions – Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Fear – control her daily activities. The game Inside Out Play Set is set after the movie, where the characters are running around in her imagination and must go through puzzles to get back to headquarters. Each emotion has their own strengths and weaknesses and can be interchanged throughout the game to get through each obstacle.

The playable characters include:

  • Joy, who is able to glide in the air
  • Sadness, who can walk on clouds
  • Anger, who is able to walk on lava
  • Disgust, who can jump really high
  • Fear, who is able to run at fast speeds

The game has over 25 levels and can be played as a co-op to help each other along the way, by placing the other character on your shoulders as you get through an obstacle. The color and the animation on this platform was beautiful. There are three different game modes – clouds, which fade or emit lightening; musical platforms, which must be precisely timed in sync with the beat, and gravity barriers, which flip the player and the world upside down.

My colleague and I got to test out a little bit of the game with me being my favorite character, Sadness, and her interchanging between Joy and Anger where we’re walking in Imagination Land on clouds and land trying to collect as many gems as possible.

As for enemies in the game, we interacted with a mechanical bull that attacks any player, and the only way to get rid of it is to trick it to fall off the ledge. It took a few tries to knock him off, but we were able to at each bull stage. When we climbed up on the clouds, I (as Sadness) carried my partner Joy above the clouds and was still able to maneuver fast to get to the next part. As Anger, my partner took me on her shoulders as we walked across lava. The changes from one character to the next was an easy and fast transition – all it took was switching them out on the platform.

The game was pretty simple and is very family friendly. I wish I got to play more of it, especially the 3D aspect of the game, but from what I did play, it is a great game to play with as a co-op and work together to get through Riley’s mind.

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