E3 2015 – Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories


Shortly before E3, Natsume made the announcement that they were developing a brand new Harvest Moon game titled Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. I was interested in hearing more about the game and where the series itself was going, so I met up with Natsume and got more information.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is being developed on the Unity Engine for the Wii U, PC, Android and iOS platforms. It is still very early in development so there wasn’t much to show at E3. What we did see was an early concept of the game on an iPad (which showed a much simpler 2D artstyle and felt reminiscent of the Super Nintendo Harvest Moon), a few areas of the map you will be able to explore, and the farm where it all begins (there wasn’t much to do which was disappointing).

Seeds of Memories will take the series back to a much more simpler start where fans can raise crops, raise animals, mine for ores, and try to the win the heart of one of the other villagers and raise a family. In the final version, players will be able to carry multiple tools which was a huge problem that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley suffered. While I asked what differences the iOS and Android versions will have compared to the Wii U and PC versions, they said that was still being decided. However, Natsume plans on putting a huge focus on enjoyment in the game for everyone joining the series for the first time or returning for a new adventure.

We had an amusing laugh talking about the new pet, a bobcat that somehow doesn’t try to hurt you. We joked about having a mini game where you try not to get eaten (it will be interesting to see just how you befriend it), and what’s in store for the series now that is will be more accessible. After announcing that the game will be coming to PC, Natsume saw a large rise in interest from fans around the world.

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