Review: Star Wars: Rebels 2×01 “The Siege of Lothal”


Although the first season of Star Wars: Rebels was hit or miss, it ended its season on an absolute high note with the lightsaber battle between Kanan and the Inquisitor. How does Star Wars: Rebels follow it up with its newest season?

If the first episode is any indication on the tone of the second season of Star Wars: Rebels, then buckle up because it’s going to be one amazing season.

Star Wars: Rebels’ newest episode, “The Siege of Lothal,” proves that even an animated series for kids can be just as exciting and suspenseful for adults as well. The show’s progressive maturation as each episode airs is apparent and it continues here as well. The episode is still fun enough for children to enjoy, but there are a lot of themes to captivate adults as well. As a whole, the episode has a great mix of action, drama, espionage and humor.

New to this season is the inclusion of two fan favorite characters: Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano. Fans of The Clone Wars and the original trilogy will be glad to find out that their favorite characters are just as amazing as before. Rebels intelligently showcases Vader’s power and smarts, which instills plenty of fear for the crew of the Ghost It also helps that James Earl Jones is back to lend his voice to the iconic villain. Everytime you hear Vader speak, it gives you chills. Vader is as badass in Rebels as you remember from the original trilogy.


Ahsoka is make another appearance in this episode but doesn’t have as much of a presence as Vader does. Instead her presence seems to set up the potential reunion between Ahsoka and her former master, Anakin Skywalker. It’s definitely one of the key storylines to watch out for as the season progresses (see: Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

Although Ezra and Kanan were the focal characters last season, “The Siege of Lothal” puts the focus on the crew as a whole. The best thing is that cast seems to have gelled since the chemistry is much better this time around. The writers did a good job of splitting time between each character, giving them their own time to shine.

Overall, Star Wars: Rebels is off to a great start with “The Siege of Lothal.” The addition of Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano also provides an enjoyable aspect to the show. If it manages to keep the tone of the show for the rest of the season, then we’re in for a real treat.

Rating: 5/5 atoms
NR 5 Atoms - A

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