Orphan Black season three finale review ‘History Yet to Be Written’

ORphan-Black-season-3-finale-predictions Warning: This article contains spoilers for Orphan Black. The writers have forgotten nothing, and please let it be crazy science and not aliens. Allow me to start from the beginning. This most recent season of BBC America’s sci-fi thriller darling Orphan Black almost seemed to get off to a shaky start. After the massive revelation of Project Castor at the end of season two it felt like the only thread that was really followed post finale. Where were Charlotte and Marion? What about the Neolutionists who seemed so threatening in season one? Did they die out with Leekie? It almost seemed that while Orphan Black continued to deliver its intense drama and brilliant moments with now beloved characters, it was failing to remember some of its own integral plot points. Unfortunately, this is usually one of the symptoms of a show that is fatally ill and doomed to atrophy into nothing. With a show like Orphan Black, which had such an incredible first season it seemed almost impossible to follow, it appeared almost tragically inevitable that the show would slowly fall to convoluted pieces of lost plot points before its audience’s very eyes. Then Saturday’s season three finale happened. This episode did so much to follow up on seemingly lost plot points from as early as season one that even the audience is struggling to remember them and understand the implications of all that just happened. The Neolutionists are back and clearly badder than ever. The moment Rachel removed her eye patch and revealed a single white iris, I was immediately reminded of the “freaky Leekies” from season one who imitated the late Aldous Leekie’s comment that the perfect human would be “people with white hair and one white eye.” He dismissed those comments to Cosima as a joke, but they were clearly far more and it looks like Rachel Duncan might be made into the poster girl for Neolution under her formerly long lost mother’s attentive care. Add to that, the hostile Castor clones appear to be out of the picture and that the sister’s relationship with Dyad has only grown even more complicated, the plot shows no sign of slowing its twists. I had no doubts that someone was going to die; it is the season finale of a drama after-all. The loss of Delphine, though tragic, was a wise choice on the part of the writing team. Delphine did a lot to put her in the audience’s bad books this past season, having been forced to make the hard and often cruel choices perhaps necessary to keep the Leda sisters safe. Her death and her actions just before it when she no longer had to play that game gives the audience the opportunity for forgiveness and to mourn her loss. I’m already dreading what will happen when Cosima finds out. However, Delphine’s death brings me to my only point of concern about the season finale, and likely the largest question hanging over everyone’s heads; what the hell was that larva thing that came out of Dr. Nealon’s mouth? The blood and twitching before it emerged, as well as the return of his speech only when it returned to his mouth after failing to enter Delphine’s, seems to indicate that this maggot-like creature may be some kind of mind-controlling parasite burrowed in the host’s brain. What did Delphine do with it? One can only assume that they further the Neolutionist cause, but to what end and where on Earth do they come from? Are they even from Earth? Perhaps it’s a knee-jerk response from decades of so-so sci-fi, but my immediate theory when I’m presented with advanced technology and seemingly biologically based forms of mind-control is that aliens are responsible. When have you ever seen a living thing crawl into somebody’s brain to control them and it wasn’t aliens? The unfortunate thing is that I feel like extraterrestrial conspiracies in Orphan Black would be jumping the shark; this show has always been about crazy science, the bonds of family, and sometimes the tragically simple cruelty of human beings. Bringing aliens into the mix would just be a bit too much. However, hope lies in the crazy science part of the equation. Neolutionists gave a guy a working tail and Rachel, a functioning eye; who’s to say that developing a mind-controlling parasite to ensure their people are the best and the brightest is beyond their means? I can only hope that the writers will continue to keep the show grounded, and they’ve given the audience plenty of reasons to trust that they will. Overall, it was a rather epic finale that capped off a season that only seemed to get better as it continued. With the return of Jesse, Alison’s new role as school board trustee, and the looming presence of the Neolutionists, season four should be a wild ride.

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