E3 2015: Time to bro it up with Super Dungeon Bros

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Super Dungeon Bros was one of my first games I played while at E3. It was possibly the most bro game of the entire event, following the adventure of 4 Heavy Metal heroes: Axl, Freddie, Lars, and Ozzie. It is a 4-player co-op brawler through the fantasy medieval world of Rokheim, and they’re on a quest for the long lost fables of rock legends. Along the way you will navigate demonic dungeons, seek out hidden treasures, and kill hordes of undead foes in the most brotastic way possible.

Super dungeon Bros currently features 3 worlds (Chillheim, Bogheim, and Cryptheim), each of them with their own unique environment filled with traps, enemies, and bosses. Each of the protagonists has their own unique personality which comes to light when you use your character’s banter button to taunt your friends and foes. Some of these will even be contextual, since the bosses will make fun of you too if you’re failing. Along your journey you will have access to over 20 weapons from 4 weapon classes including swords, wands, crossbows, and hammers, all of which have a unique special attack skill. Now the thing that puts SDB at the top of the list of brotastic games are your BRO-combination (brombinations, combronation) special moves such as Bro Stacking, the Bro Throw, Bro-Nado, and Bro-Mation, all of which are designed for either maximum damage or exploration.

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Super Dungeon Bros will also be including some great features so that you and your friends can enjoy your Bro time together. The game will not only be supporting online and offline co-op, but also cross platform play. Xbox One will crossplay with Windows 10 while PS4 will crossplay with PC & Mac. Speaking of spending time together, you will have plenty of time to spend with your Bros while playing through the 3 worlds, since each of the floors are procedurally generated and random each time with over 32 million unique combinations. On top of the campaign, Super Dungeon Bros will also feature daily and weekly challenges for single and multiplayer across local and global leaderboards so that you can see who is the best Bro out there and remember BrosB4Foes.

You can follow the game @DungeonBros as well as sign up for beta access here.

Super Dungeon Bros will release this winter for Xbox One, PS4, Windows 10, PC & Mac.

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