Go rogue with The Division’s Sleeper Agent Edition

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated shooter is a ways away from release, but to keep you salivating, they’ve released the details on a few different editions being released. The first is the Gold Edition, which comes with the season pass and an exclusive “National Guard” gear set. This will retail at $100 and will be available through most retailers.

The aptly named Sleeper Agent Edition comes with a lot of goodies:

  • The Agent Watch Replica: fully functional watch which glows like the in-game SHD watches
  • The Agent Armband, a convenient way to carry your most valuable equipment
  • A high quality artbook including concept arts that inspired the game
  • “Save What Remains” Poster
  • Exclusive Collector’s Box
  • Season Pass
  • Hazmat Gear set

I don’t know about you, but I think I want that Sleeper Agent Edition. There is one caveat though; as of right now, it’s only available for purchase through the Ubisoft store. So far, there isn’t any word that it will be offered anywhere else. I also forgot to mention that it will run you $160 as well.

The Division is set to hit stores in March 2016.

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