E3 2015: The Last Guardian’s new trailer compared to the 2009 E3 trailer

Last Guardian comparison

Many fans are still talking about the surprise reveal for the long awaited revival of Team ICO’s third title, The Last Guardian. Along with the announcement that the game would finally be released in 2016, fans who watched the Sony Press Conference were treated to an entirely new gameplay trailer. Being that this was the first footage that many had seen of the game in a long time, some were wondering how the video would compare to the last E3 trailer from 2009.

A YouTube user has posted a new video, placing both trailers side by side to compare the improvements that have been made to the game. The picture is notably more clear than the previous video. The CG models are noticeably less pixelated, which probably has more to do with the fact that the game is now intended to be released on the PlayStation 4. The video from this year also seems less brighter than the 2009 video. At one point in the video, there is a still image of a side by side comparison of the main protagonist in the game. The character‘s arm gauntlets are more visible and his face has more definition than before.

You can check out the full video below.

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