E3 2015: New Quick-Time-Events system to be introduced in Shenmue III

Shenmue III

Hard to believe that the last Shenmue game was released almost 14 years ago. Long before Quantic Dream made waves in the gaming industry, the Shenmue franchise was best known for being one of the main games to make Quick-Time-Events a key element in video games. With Shenmue III announced and now currently in development, creator Yu Suzuki revealed that he plans to improve on the gameplay element that he once made famous in the new game.

“I’d like to present a new QTE. Something elaborate, yet easily playable by just about anyone. Instead of simply winning by pressing buttons in a timely manner, I’d like to make something that will have people win fights by making correct judgments.”

Suzuki also talked about the possibilities on expanding the scale of Shenmue, or if he should just focus on expanding characters in the world instead.

“Everyone must be thinking that we’ll expand the open world more, but I’ve been deeply questioning whether or not to do that. If we were to have 100 characters and split the budget among them, we’d be limited in terms of what we could do with each one; however, if we were to split that budget among just 10 characters, we could do a lot more with them.”

Shenmue III current campaign for kickstarter is still going. There is no set release date at the moment, but it is rumored that the game is looking for a release in 2017.

Source: famitsu

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