Shenmue III reaches its kickstarter goal in under 24 hours!


“Do you want to play a game of lucky hit?”

Well it looks like Yu Suzuki, the creater of the Shenmue series, played the game and was incredibly lucky. In under 24 hours, after the announcement of putting this game back on the map, it reached its goal of $2 million. This is something that’s completely unheard of, because it usually takes kickstarters quite some time before they hit the million dollar mark for any proposed title. If you don’t think that’s insane and aren’t impressed, then you’ve never played Shenmue.

14 years ago, during the days of the Sega Dreamcast, we were all first introduced to the beginnings of an open world adventure via Shenmue. You could talk to random people in the town of Yokosuka, Japan, work jobs to earn money, fight bad guys on the side, and eventually  make your way to Hong Kong to find your father’s murderer.  This game also introduced the QTE or Quick Time Events for the first time on a console which made for ultra realistic cinematic scenes for that time.

shenmue 3

Reaching $2 million in this short of a time is no easy task. This shows that a lot of the fans have been waiting for Ryo’s story to find completion and I myself am one of those people. Right now, it’s at about $2.3 million and still climbing. If it reaches above and beyond its mark, I hope they re-release re-mastered versions of the Shenmue I and Shenmue II.

If you would like to back this kickstarter, feel free to go here: Shenmue III

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