Kevin Feige sends congrats to the folks who did Jurassic World

Sometimes people in Hollywood get a bad rap, but once in a while we see people actually do good or just be a good person. Ever good guy Kevin Feige has sent a congratulatory tweet to the folks who worked on Jurassic World. He even sent an image to go with the post. It shows Chris Pratt riding a T-Rex wielding Thor’s hammer while the Avengers are just looking at him.

But this is not the first time this type of thing has occurred. It happened even way before the internet, smartphones, or twitter took over. George Lucas showed the same effort to James Cameron when Titanic unseated Star Wars.


Via Lucas Films

And even before that, Steven Spielberg sent out a congratulatory note to George Lucas when Star Wars dethroned Jaws. So as you can see, Hollywood is not all bad, and there are good people still around.




Source: Collider

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