Jurassic World beats Avengers with domestic record of $208.8M in Box Office final tally


Looks like there HAS to be a sequel now!

Jurassic World annihilated the box office with a final tally of $208.8M, breaking records including the North American, international, and global records for an opening weekend! Universal Pictures confirmed it was the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. The final domestic number passes 2012’s Marvel’s The Avengers, which ended it’s first weekend with $207.4M. Globally, the film came to a total of $524.4M, with 40% being from North America, after a record $315.3m internationally. The total beats 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 with a total of $314M.

Top 10 Box Office Films from this past weekend

1). Jurassic World (UNI), $208.8M

2). Spy (FOX), $15.6M

3). San Andreas (WB) $10.8M

4). Insidious Chapter 3 (FOC) $7.3M

5). Pitch Perfect 2 (UNI) $6.3M

6). Entourage (WB), $4.1M

7). Mad Max: Fury Road $4M

8). Avengers: Age of Ultron $3.6M

9). Tomorrowland (DIS) $3.4M

10). Love & Mercy (RSA) $1.6M

Source: Deadline

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