E3 2015: Gears of War is back with ‘Gears 4’


At E3 2015, we were given our first in-depth look at what Coalition has been working on for the latest entry to the Gears of War franchise title that is simply called ‘Gears 4’. It was pretty much what I thought everyone expected with a few surprising twists.

First thing we noticed was the game has received a fresh coat of that current gen paint. We got the same locust-esque baddies to aim at, with the same looking Lancer chainsaw gun. The biggest new thing to take note of here is the new heroes. We have a new generic protagonist to use now with blonde hair instead of black, and this time rather than Dom, we have a GORL!

With the game not launching until Holiday 2016, there is plenty of time for tweaks and features to be announced. Sort of like Bethesda’s DOOM announcement there was nothing that really jumped out and made Gears 4 unique other than it’s.

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