E3 2015: Yu Suzuki is going to revive Shenmue III with a Kickstarter


In an unexpected turn of events, Yu Suzuki took to the stage tonight at Sony’s E3 Press Conference to announce one thing:


Yes, the long awaited sequel to the Ryo’s story has been revived, but there’s a (if small) catch. A Kickstarter campaign has been started with a target of $2,000,000 in order to fund the development of Shenmue III. With the campaign at well over $1 million as of this posting, there’s no doubt we can see this being developed by much of the original team from the original titles. The game will be developed for PC and PS4.

It could possibly be a interest gauge much like Iga’s recent Bloodstained kickstarter which already funded the majority of the funding but used the crowdfunding platform to fund the remaining amounts. That raised $5.5 millions dollars.

So SEGA fans, it’s here and waiting for your backing. Suzuki has passed the ball to you. your move gamers.

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