E3 2015: Is the new Xbox One Elite controller is what we’ve been waiting for?


Microsoft just announce a piece of hardware for the XBox One that could be a game changer for all gamers alike.

Introducing the new Elite Wireless Controller.

Now you’re probably thinks this is the same controller announced with the new headphone jack addition, but it’s not. This new controller has been amped up for the most hardcore of gamers. Think of it as taking a regular car and applying the Fast and Furious treatment to it.

First off, you can see there are more than a few physical changes. There’s a new D-pad that is better suited for fighting games. On the back, there’s additions of paddles for racing games, as well as trigger lock switches. Did I also mention that the D-pad, paddles and thumb sticks are all interchangeable as well? From a software standpoint, it allows button remapping, Paddle remapping, and trigger min/max values.

I consider myself a fairly hardcore gamer, and Microsoft has definitely catered to those players over the years. This is just an awesome peripheral that they would create for those such players.It isn’t cheap for all the customization you can do retailing at $149.99.

What featured would you like to see on the new Elite controller? Let us know in the comments below.

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