Top 5 Orphan Black season 3 moments


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Orphan Black.

With the season three finale of Orphan Black less than a week away, it’s hard not to lament the impending loss of yet another great show for the rest of the year. Until the start of season four, we’ll be left with nothing but reruns, our merchandise, and fond memories of episodes past. However, this past season has had some particularly choice moments; may I present my top five Orphan Black season three moments to get you all geared up for the season finale!


5. Goodbye, “Big Dick” Paul

I must admit that Paul was one of my least favourite characters on the show; I found him pretty bland and got the impression that the writers only really kept him around because he was hot and they weren’t sure what else to do with him. He was barely in season two, but it seems that the writers found their Paul stride once again this past season with his involvement in Project Castor. It also meant that he got to have a big altruistic suicide and we got to say farewell to some of the show’s baggage! Despite my apathy towards the character, Paul’s death was a poignant moment that’s changed the course of the show. He definitely went out with a bang.


4. Helena brings the hammer down. Again.

Helena and Donnie started out seeming like the unlikeliest of friends, but it turns out that a similarly silly sense of humor and some serious protectiveness of family goes a long way. Which is why when Donnie took a few solid hits to the face, my first reaction was, “Helena’s going to kill somebody.” And it certainly seems like she went full beserker on Pauchy and his goons. Do not threaten children in front of Helena. This angry angel clealry knows how to make a scene.


3. Felix goes full badass on Rachel

It’s hard to imagine Felix, a character well-adored for saying phrases such a “fetch me something gay,” could be so cut-throat and rutheless as he was with Rachel in this scene. But clearly the man has little tolerance for people threatening the lives of those he loves. Plus, the last time they had met, Rachel stabbed Fee probably helped things along. It was hard to watch Felix unleash such rage on Rachel when she was clearly so powerless, but it’s still impossible to not take a little joy in watching her suffer considering all Rachel has done. Mess with Felix, and he might make an art project out of your face.


2. Brotherly love

This entire episode featuring Castor clones Rudy and Seth was an incredibly messed up ride, culminating in Seth’s violent end. When Rudy came down the stairs from where he’d been terrorizing Sarah and Kyra to find Seth glitching out, it became clear why the Castor boys can be so ruthless. The Leda clones may get sick and waste away, but Castor’s end is blinding and brutal. Cal’s horrified face said it all, and these military-raised  clones clearly mean business.


1. Alison and Donnie make it rain, b*tches!

This may simply be one of my favourite moments in television history. Suburban couple/drug lords Alison and Donnie Hendrix celebrate their ill-gotten gains by twerking it out on a bed of glitter and money in Walmart underwear. Both Alison and Donnie have been the shinning lights of the season, with their side story bringing in a incredible sense of fun to a show with a very dramatic plot. It’s good to laugh with (or at) the two of them between all the scenes of pain and strife and take that much needed breath. This scene was simply brilliant and looked like possibly one of the funnest things to film ever and will forever be one of the first things I think about when I remember the show. How much do you want to be that the glitter came from the craft room?

Don’t forget, the season finale of Orphan Black airs Saturday, June 20th at 9pm on BBC America in the USA and Space in Canada. You can watch the trailer below! What do you think of my list? Am I missing out on something unforgettable? Let us know in the comments!

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