Super Smash Bros Direct recap


Despite this weekend’s leak of Roy and Ryu in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, the scheduled Smash Bros Direct still went on as planned and series creator Masahiro Sakurai still had a few surprises up his sleeve.

The stream began with the official announcement of Roy. While he has a similar move-set to Marth and Lucina, he is more of a closer-range fighter and has flame-based attacks. Of course, you knew this if you play as him in Melee, but this time he has a Final Smash called “Critical Hit” which is, again, like Marth and Lucina’s Final Smashes but with a wider range of attack. Roy is now available with Lucas for $3.99 each on the Wii U and 3DS versions by themselves or $4.99 for both versions.


Ryu was announced at the end of the stream, but let’s be honest we all saw him coming didn’t we? Thankfully, we didn’t know much about the kind of fighter he’d be. The Smash version of him is modeled closely after his Street Fighter II look and while Smash Bros. doesn’t have the combo moves like Street Fighter does, Sakurai and his team managed to sneak them in. The strength of Ryu’s attacks depend on how long you hold the attack buttons. While moves like the Hadoken and Shoryuken can be pulled off by simply pressing the B button, you can also unleash them with the traditional input commands as if you were playing Street Fighter! By utilizing these input commands, their attacks will be stronger; an input commanded Shoryuken will almost guarantee a KO.

Ryu is the first Smash Bros. fighter to have 2 Final Smashes: the normal Final Smash is a Shinku Hadoken which will capture enemies in its path thus knocking them out; when he activates his Final Smash right next to an opponent, it will unleash Shin Shoryuken which is an instant KO. Ryu also comes with the stage Suzaku Castle with original and remixed music by Street Fighter II‘s sound composer Yoko Shimomura. The only way to buy Ryu is to get him with the stage for the price of $5.99 on an individual version or $6.99 for both, also available now. He along with Roy will have Amiibo figures coming out in the future.


Now let’s talk about the Mii Fighter costumes because some of them may surprise you:

Megaman Battle Network
Megaman.EXE (Gunner)
Zero (Swordfighter)
Animal Crossing
Isabelle (Gunner)
Inkling Boy (Gunner)
Inkling Girl (Gunner)
Squid Hat
Virtua Fighter
Jack Bryant (Brawler)
Akira Yuki (Brawler)
Heihachi (Brawler)


The last two categories were quite unexpected; who would’ve thought that 3 of the most well-known fighting game franchises would be represented in Super Smash Bros? These costumes are each priced at $.75 for individual console versions and $1.15 for both. Speaking of Miis, Mii Fighter Amiibos are on their way but from what we can tell so far you won’t be able to customize the figures to look like your Mii. These Mii Fighters are a part of the next wave of Amiibo hitting store shelves in September.


Two new stages were also made available today, one of which is the long-awaited Miiverse stage which you can get free of charge. This stage has its own community on Miiverse so users can create their own messages and artwork to be displayed in the background. Alongside that news was the announcement of the classic Nintendo 64 stage Dream Land which is priced at $1.99 individually and $2.99 for both versions. Sakurai stated that his team is working on 2 more N64 revival stages: Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle.


Now most Smash fans were eagerly awaiting information about the Tourney Modes. There will be Community Tourneys where players can rack up the most points under a time limit along with Regular Tourneys which will factor in eliminations. These modes are set to release in August.

Players who’ve been looking to share their skills on YouTube will now have an easier way to do that without having to invest in a capture card. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will give you the option to upload your replay videos directly to YouTube. This will come as a free update sometime soon.


It’s refreshing to get these 18 minutes dedicated to Super Smash Bros. two days before Nintendo holds their Digital Event at E3. We know that they want to continue supporting this game as long as possible and the fact that most of this content is available today is just the icing on the cake. I will be getting most of this DLC when the server traffic eventually dies down, but overall I can’t help but be impressed with what Sakurai and his team over at Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco are doing.

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