Here’s how you smash with Ryu in Smash Bros.


Yesterday Ryu from Street Fighter was leaked to be a character in Super Smash Brother. Today it’s confirmed, and we find out just how he’s going to be smashing all of his opponents in the arena.

A couple of things to note about Ryu;he’s the first character to have two final smashes. If you enter his original inputs for his moves, the attacks are stronger. I can definitely see him being one of the fan favorites right off the bat. His original stage makes an appearance with original soundtrack and remix as well. Ryu can’t tag along without Ken, so Ken gets his theme in Smash too. Trophies of both Kena and Ryu will be obtainable in the game, so I can see a crazy amount of time is going to put into Super Smash Bros now. I just hope Ken is the next challenger to appear.

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