Jurassic World devours records with record-breaking numbers

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Exceeding all expectations, Jurassic World now has the second biggest box office opening weekend of all time with $204.6 million, less than $3 million behind The Avengers smashing 2012 opening of $207.4 million. With a well deserved grade A by Cinemascore, Jurassic World has brought fans new and old back to the theaters, even bringing in those hard-to-get demographics. It’s safe to say that 22 years ago Jurassic Park was a huge hit, and the series continues to be one of the most epic and remembered films of all time.

Worldwide, Jurassic World passed the $500 million mark with $511.8 million, which makes it the first film to ever make more than $500 million, globally, in one weekend. Costing $150 million to produce, which actually is low considering other summer films like Fast 7 or The Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was only expected to make $125 million this weekend. Thanks to the nostalgia effect, people young and old went to enjoy this great hit.

Director Colin Trevorrow (an indie filmmaker) leads Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as the main stars of the film. Wanting to break out of his normal Star-Lord-like comedy, Pratt brought a different side that proves he is more than just a comedic actor. Bryce Dallas Howard has been on an acting hiatus for 4 years after starting a family. They were hired since they each have something to prove, including the director, which is why Stephen Spielberg hired them.

Jurassic World is now in theaters and you can read our review here!

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