Female Link rumored to appear in Hyrule Warriors?


So way back when the artbook for Hyrule Warriors was released, there was a section in there regarding a female version of Link called “Linkle” (really Nintendo? you couldn’t think up of any other name for the female version of Link? You had to name her something that rhymed with the kid friendly version of taking a piss?) And rumors spread like wildfire about a possible DLC character of that type being released further in the future, especially with the bow that Linkle has in the art book has been tucked away in the character selection screen.


Now this is just speculation, but considering that a female version of Link has been a long awaited character by fans and with this Easter Egg sparking up the excitement, could Nintendo possibly give some news about her being released for Hyrule Warriors? Especially with last year’s 2014 trailer for the new Zelda game having raised questions about Links gender ambiguity, but only time will tell, and maybe possibly at E3.

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