Asa Butterfield apparently out as Spider-Man, leaving 3 actors

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Marvel and Sony are still searching for their next Spider-Man. Asa Butterfield, who has been the frontrunner to play the web-slinger, reportedly is no longer in consideration for the highly coveted role. It looks like Sony and Marvel’s hunt will have to go on without him.

The news comes from The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider on the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press Live. According to Sneider, there are only three contenders remaining: Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer, and Matthew Lintz. Marvel and Sony aren’t on the same page regarding casting, however. Marvel seems to want Plummer while Sony is supporting Holland.

Interestingly, Sony is paying for the reboot and is very keen on hiring Holland. Due to these factors, their decision may trump that of Marvel, and Holland ultimately might win the role after all.

Another variable complicates things. Neither party is sure about what age of actor should play the teenage Peter Parker. A 14 or 15 year old is a minor and can’t work the same amount of hours as an actor who’s over 18.

Considering that Spider-Man has been rumored to be in the next Captain America film which comes out in 2016, the studios probably should act sooner rather than later.

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