Cast revealed for Goon sequel Goon: The Last Enforcer

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So 2011 had some great sports movies, from Warrior and Moneyball to Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt.1 (well, at least sports movie in the fact that it became a drinking game for me), but one of the most underrated sports movies that was made that year was a small hockey film, starring Seann William Scott, called Goon. Goon flew under the radar, only making $49,076 opening weekend, and found its way to my heart through good ol’ Netflix. Once I saw it, I began to see why many people were raving about it. It’s funny as H-E-double hockey sticks!

Entertainment One and producers No Trace Camping and Caramel Films today announced the full cast for the unexpected upcoming sequel and follow-up to Goon titled Goon: The Last of the Enforcers. Alongside Scott, who will be reprising his role as Doug “The Thug” Glatt, other returning names include Liv Scheiber as enforcer Ross “The Boss” Rhea, Marc-André Grondin as Xavier LaFlamme, Kim Coates as the Highlanders Coach Ronnie Hortense, and of course, Jay Baruchel, who will be directing the film, will also be co-writing the screenplay alongside Jesse Chabot, and reprising his role as Pat, Glatt’s best friend.

2011’s Goon is a movie that, even though most didn’t find until it came to them via Netflix, Hulu, or however means, found its way to our hearts very quickly, and became a cult favorite for this decade. The film is filled with great and vulgar humor that the immature kid inside you will instantly fall in love with, while still maintaining a great storyline and plot.

“‘Goon’ was instantly embraced by audiences; and like all fans of the film, we are eager for the next chapter,” says Patrick Roy, President, eOne Films Canada & Les Films Seville. “We are pleased to once again join forces with No Trace Camping and Caramel Films, and delighted that Jay Baruchel, will extend his comedic talent and make his directorial debut with what is sure to be a knockout hit.”

Goon: The Last Enforcer doesn’t have a release schedule as of yet, but be on the lookout, as this one should be out by next year.

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