Uwe Boll calls the Avengers retarded and Robert Downey Jr an idiot

Uwe Boll

If you don’t know who Uwe Boll is, you can find most of his crappy movies in the $.50 DVD bucket or perhaps somewhere in the dumpster or as someone’s coaster. He’s directed a lot of films that were adapted from video games, and all of them have been absolutely terrible. If you don’t believe me, try and stomach the movies In the Name of the KingHouse of the Dead, or Bloodrayne. I personally wanted to rip my eyeballs out after watching Ray Liotta’s performance in In the Name of the King since it was that terribly directed.

Uwe Boll has attempted a few kickstarters recently, but all have failed. I guess people finally wizened up and didn’t want to fund garbage. It looks like the negativity and fallbacks he’s experiencing has finally caused him to lose his marbles. In a recent video he released on YouTube, he goes on a tirade against Marvel and its comic book movies and he even attacks George Clooney’s work. He then follows up and says the young movie goers are all stupid and then calls Jennifer Lopez a “demanding Mexican bitch.” Here’s some of what he said:

It’s so pissing me off how fake that business is, but also how the young people of today falling in the fucking trap. Because they’re all stupid! Like wake the fuck up! Iron Man is not existing. Avengers are not existing. They are all fucking retarded idiots. And Robert Downey Jr. and all them people are idiots. Not idiots, they just grab the money. And they’re laughing their asses off that the people pay money to that stupid absurd shit that they are shooting like Captain America and all that completely crap. You know it’s like fucking unbelievable!

Personally, I think Uwe Boll would be greatly compared to that of a 2-year-old child. He’s complaining a lot about Hollywood, but I think that he’s truthfully just mad at himself because he’s a failure at the box office. No one wants to see anymore of his work and he’s just lashing out at anyone that will listen to the feces spewing from his mouth. If you want to take a listen to what else he says, watch the video below. Just know that it has strong language.

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