The Witcher 3 punishes exploiters (Patch 1.05)


I have to hand it to CD Project Red. These guys know how to patch exploits the right way. Rather than the boring removal or re-balance of selling prices, players will get a fiendish surprise just after meditating. Patch 1.05 brought with it tons of fixes to exploits and crafting changes that players have been hoping for. It also fixed one particular glitch with some great humor.

The exploit we’re referring to is the systematic annihilation of the Inn at Crossroads cow population. For those unaware, repeatedly killing these cows then meditating results in tons of hides that sell quite well to merchants in the area. Now, you’ll have to face a slightly more challenging foe. This one doesn’t exactly tip over quite as easily.

Credit for finding this goes to Youtube user: nwaty

Or, you can do what this Reddit user has, and take farming to a whole new level.


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