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With the success of Avengers Age of Ultron, Disney Consumer Products released several toys for the franchise with Hot Wheels. Nerd Reactor got to play with the Hot Wheels’ Avengers Age of Ultron: Quinjet Moto Launcher (with an Iron Man Moto included), Hot Wheels’ Avengers Age of Ultron: Avengers Tower Takeover, Hot Wheels’  Hot Wheels’ Captain America Moto, and Hot Wheels’ Black Widow 16 Angels car.

Avengers Age of Ultron Quinjet Moto Launcher (Ages 4+)

The Quinjet is an iconic item for the Avengers. Created by Hot Wheels, this jet is fun to play around with and could also be used for just showing off on your geek shelf. The plane is made of plastic, which allows it to be light for your child to run with. The Quinjet opens in the front to allow a Moto figure or a Hot Wheels car to be placed inside and shot out by the handle at the end.


Retailing at MSP $19.99, the Quinjet was really fun to play with, in terms of shooting the cars and motos. It can be very addicting as well. It makes a great gifts for kids and adults. The jet looks great for display with the rest of the Marvel toys!

Avengers Age of Ultron: Avenger Tower Takeover (4+)

avengers age of ultron toys2

This is another Hot Wheels toy that features our main villain, Ultron. This tower takeover is set up as a ‘You versus Ultron’ situation. By turning the knob, Ultron will begin to rotate to try to knock out any car or moto that passes by. You place the moto/car in the start and you let it ride.

Avengers Tower

This set up requires an adult to set up. Once set up, you can start to play. It’s really hard to play with because you need to just have good timing in order to beat Ultron. If not, this could happen:


Retailing at $19.99, this fun activity will keep you entertained for hours trying to beat Ultron. It also comes with a Hot Wheels Iron Man car.

Hot Wheels Captain America Moto (3+)

captainamericaFor any Captain America fan, this is a keeper. It’s like the scene in the beginning of Avengers when Captain America rode the motorcycle to fight against the bad guys. The face is not detailed at all, but it’s meant to wear and tear with the Quinjet, the Avengers Tower Takeover, or just playing around with it in general. At MSP $4.99, this is a great buy for the price. It also comes as Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Ultron.

Hot Wheels Black Widow 16 Angels car (3+)

black widow hot wheels

Black Widow has her own car! YAY! This 16 Angels is an original Hot Wheels design of a 16 cylinder sports car. Inspired by the Jag E-Type, the car is completely black with only the Black Widow and Avengers logos. It’s absolutely sleek and is a definitely a collectible. It rides smoothly on both the Quinjet and the Avengers Tower Takeover. Retailing at MSP $5.99, this is definitely going on my geek shelf.

For more on the toys, check out our video review below:

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