Jason Statham drops out of season two of Daredevil due to leak

Jason-Statham-as-Bullseye no

Well there goes that. Yesterday we reported on the rumor that the Furious 7 star, Jason Statham, was in the running to join the next season of Daredevil as the villainous assassin, Bullseye. It now appears that negotiations between Statham’s team and Marvel’s TV studios are now dead. According to new reports, the two were in heavy negotiations when the leak came out that Statham would join Charlie Cox and the rest of the gang on Netflix’s hit series.

The insider sources claims that the leaked story is what killed the deal between the two. Some think that maybe his agent saw the positive uproar and instantly upped the actor’s asking fee, or maybe the the studio saw reaction and preemptively killed the deal out of fear that Statham’s management would want more money? At this moment it is unclear.

Production on the second season of Daredevil is expected to begin at the end of next month. So I would expect that Marvel will have to find its next Bullseye very soon, now that there is no chance we will see Statham as Bullseye.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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