Jason Statham may play Bullseye in season two of Daredevil

Jason Statham as Bullseye

Move over Colin Farrell, there may be a new Bullseye on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, and it might be The Transporter himself, Jason Statham. The rumor was just reported by Latino Review and their inside source claims that he is up for the role in season two of Daredevil. They were also able to spot Statham meeting with Marvel personnel while he was on break from his press tour with his new comedy Spy with Melissa McCarthy.

Oddly enough it was in 2008 that the Furious 7 star expressed interest in playing Matt Murdoch in the new reboot:

“Just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil,” said Statham.

As luck would have it, the interview at the time thought Jason was interested in playing the villain Bullseye at the time.

“Forget Bullseye, I want to be Daredevil!”

Funny how that worked out, huh?

Of course the reboot movie never saw the light of day and the rights reverted back the Marvel.

Has Jason Statham had a change of heart on the psychopathic assassin? Will we see him next season alongside Elektra and other rumored Marvel characters? Stay tuned.

Source: Latino Review

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