Get fit! Do Flap! A new game that helps you lose weight!


Independent gaming company BreakFirst released a new motion-controlled fitness iOS/Android app called FitFlap.

FitFlap is an app that allows you to play a fun game while also burning some calories. In the game, players must physically flap their arms to flutter their way through a series of challenges. Using motion-tracking technology and the device’s built-in camera, FitFlap is able to follow the player’s physical movements and translate them into the game as distance flown, height reach, and ultimately, calories burned. Thinking about cheating? BreakFirst is one step ahead of you. The game is designed to tell the difference between hand flapping and real arm flapping.

First presented at Google I/O last week, Google selected FitFlap as a successful early adopter of the Google Cast Remote Display API, with the game using the device’s (phone or tablet) built-in camera to track body movements and responsive motion-controlled gameplay.

FitFlap! will be released for Android and iOS devices later this year.

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