The PS4 to come with a 1TB hard drive

ps4 console controller

Tired of the standard PS4 with the 500GB hard drive? Well, the FCC has filed two new versions of the PS4, and one will have the new-gen consoles come with a 1TB hard drive. It’s coming soon, but if you don’t want to wait, you can always replace the current 500GB hard drive with a bigger one. (The power of upgrades!) If you’re too lazy, then the 1TB PS4 will be the next best thing.

The current PS4 is a nuisance for hardcore gamers, since many games have big installation files, and they quickly fill up the hard drive like nothing.


It’s also noted that the new consoles will be a little bit lighter and will use less power.

Reports are saying that these new versions will not be supporting 5GHz WiFi. If you’re living in an apartment complex with other people using WiFi, you will likely have issues.

We’ll likely hear about this once Sony comes to E3 this month.

Source: FCC via NeoGAF

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