Tanya joins Mortal Kombat X


Mortal Kombat has just released their 2nd installment of DLC for everyone who owns the Kombat Pass, and it contains our 2nd of the four promised characters, Tanya, along with the Klassic skin pack which has Sonya, Liu Kang, and Kano donning their original skins from earlier Mortal Kombat games.

Tanya, like all the other character, has 3 styles to give you multiple options while playing as the latest femme fatale. Pyromancer along with a few different combos gives her the ability to toss fireballs like Johnny Cage, and Kobu Jutsu will grant you tonfas for combos as well as the ability to use them as projectiles. Her third style is Dragon Naginata which gives her a naginata spear for deadly attacks at range as well as being able to balance on it similar to Yoshimitsu on his sword from the Tekken franchise. While she lacks the ability to bounce on it, she makes up for it with her versatility in her combos from this unique stance.

After spending a day with Tanya she is a welcome addition to the cast of characters and even manages to still feel unique, even with a few of her moves being copied over from other fighters in the roster. While one day has certainly not been enough time for me to learn all of her combos, I am enjoying the few I have picked up so far and also the fact that after winning a match I can either choose to either Crush hearts and Skulls or turn my opponent into my very own personal slide. It is all the personal enjoyment I needed to add her to my roster of characters to master.

Tanya is currently available for owners of the Kombat Pass, and will be available for non owners on June 9th for $9.99.

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