Josh Trank wants Fantastic Four fans to question his directing


Josh Trank, the director of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, has been getting flak from fans left and right. There are reports saying that he trashed the movie’s set and didn’t get along well with writer/producer Simon Kinberg. In addition to that, it was also announced that he was let go as the director for one of the Star Wars spin-off films.

In an interview with Hero Complex, Trank knew what he was getting himself into when he signed on to direct Fantastic Four. He said that he “knew it was going to get ugly” when he made changes to the origin of the superheroes, including having a black man play a known white character. He does understand where the fans are coming from.

“I get it,” said Trank. “I have a lot of friends who are older than me who are comic fans and it’s really hard for them to be on board with a change like that. ‘Fantastic Four’ has been theirs for longer than I’ve been alive. It hasn’t been mine.”

He goes on to say that change is a must to make the story feel different.

“It only speaks to the greatness of any story that has been told for decades or centuries that people still want to tell that story. But you can’t just keep telling it the same way over and over again. And I think it only helps the world to be more honest with young kids, to show them the world that they go walk outside and see,” said Trank.

Kinberg talks about the casting choice, and defends why they cast Jamie Bell as the Thing:

“The change of Jamie as Ben being a smaller guy instead of a bigger guy, for example, was for a purpose. It’s more dramatic when that character becomes a huge rock creature – that’s a bigger transformation. The notion of a working-class tough guy who’s been pushed around by his bigger brothers his whole life seemed like a more interesting character than the guy who started as a football player and just ended up being 4 inches taller.”

Trank has been hated on by many, but he is still open to hearing what fans have to say:

“I want to hear opinions – it’s good to know what people are questioning. I think maybe there’s a part of me that needs adversity from the rest of the world in order to feel motivated to want to prove people wrong. I need people to be like, ‘What is this weirdo doing?'”

Do you agree with Trank, or would you rather have the Fantastic Four team have the same origin story as the comic book.

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