The quest to qualify for the Nintendo World Championships


Like many I was pretty excited when Reggie announced the return of the Nintendo World Championships. I found myself wanting to compete and imagined the moments of the 1989 The Wizard movie, except on the grand stage that is E3. I was pumped and ready for anything!

After Nintendo made the announcement that it was teaming with Best Buy to host the Nintendo World Championships, I spent hours practicing on Ultimate NES Remix’s Championship with the goal to win. I might have been too excited the night before and overslept more than I planned, but I quickly got ready and headed straight to the nearest Best Buy location. For me it was about 45 mins away in the city of Torrance, California, and by the time I arrived at 10:50 am, the line was already long with around 400 people waiting, with some already arriving as early as 7 am. It was pretty warm out, somewhere in the high 80s, and very windy so the shade was our best friend. I got my wristband, and decided to go inside, having my friend save my spot to see what was going inside Best Buy.

There wasn’t much going on inside the store. You would stand in line to wait for your turn to play for five minutes and it was over. The high was gone and you hoped your score was good enough. There were some demo stations where people decided to hang out and wait until the event was over to see if they had the highest score, hoping they were going to E3 as one of the final eight competitors.


Finally my turn came up and five minutes have never gone so fast. I scored extremely well learning a few tricks from all the hours I’ve played and that was that. We got some stickers and a few other cool items for attending and playing, and there was nothing left to do but to go home and wait to see if you were the winner.


It was an experience but it felt like there could have been more going on other than a great Spotpass event. With E3 upon us it will be fun to watch the Nintendo World Championships even if I won’t be up on stage. It was cool to know there was a chance… maybe next time.

See you, Space Cowboy!


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