Pick on someone your own size with this new Ant-Man TV spot


With Marvel’s Ant-Man just 2 months away, Marvel has been slowly, but surely, releasing more and more media from the film. Today, Marvel dropped a brand new 1-minute TV spot, which features some brand new footage with newcomers T.I. and Michael Peña. Check it out!

There’s been a lot of skepticism regarding the film with the long and tumultuous journey it took to finally getting made. There’s a lot to be excited about the film though. Much of the ridiculousness of Edgar Wright can still be seen in all of the footage we’ve seen so far. In addition, Paul Rudd looks to be the right choice as Scott Lang. He has the comedic chops, but it looks as if he can pull off the action and dramatic side as well.

Marvel’s Ant-Man shrinks into theaters on July 17th.

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