Why an ’80s style movie wouldn’t work today


Last Thursday, Kung Fury finally hit YouTube. Produced by LaserUnicorns, Kung Fury tells the tale of a cop who is bestowed with kung fu powers and is enlisted to stop Adolf Hitler, another martial arts master, from taking over the world. This film had everything an ’80s flick needed to be considered an ’80s flick. Action, cheesy one-liners, impossible, overly-large technology, dinosaurs, Asgardians (Yes, you read that right) and of course, a fantastic ’80s style score! This film has gotten so much praise and has, as of this writing, scored over 9 MILLION VIEWS!!! So the desire to see things like this is clearly there. The technology we have today gave the film everything it needed to pull of some incredible scenes. So why wouldn’t this work? Because it doesn’t make sense.

None of it does! And that’s the point! Something like this could emerge from YouTube and be a big hit online…not so much in the cinemas. Oh sure, other ideas sprouting from YouTube shorts have been made into films such as this summer’s Pixels starring Adam Sandler. District 9 was also a result of an online fan film getting the Hollywood treatment. But Kung Fury, as epic, as nostalgic, and as insanely awesome as it is, wouldn’t bode well with movie-goers. People go to the movies to see what they are familiar with. If the slew of superhero movies and sequels coming out this year (Jurassic World, Star Wars, Mad Max and Poltergeist to name a few) isn’t enough, try looking at the TV shows that are most popular right now (The Flash, My Little Pony, Transformers, the upcoming Twin Peaks remake). Now look at the new stuff. People hardly go out and see movies with people they’ve never seen before, unless it has that “Film Festival” credit in the trailer. It’s very disappointing.

I LOVED Kung Fury, and I hope the guys at LaserUnicorns make enough from this in some way to do even more! But for those of us who don’t get the humor (Anyone born after 1990) or the era of cinema this film is inspired by, most of these references and jokes will go right over your head. Unless of course, you know your history and are an avid ’80s movie buff.

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