South Park returns this September


Alright kids, get ready because it’s going to be a long summer. Have no fear, because South Park returns on September 23rd!

For those of you unaware, South Park will be going through until at least season 20 in 2016. From there creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (Baseketball, Team America:World Police) will make their next decision on whether the series will return beyond that. My assumption? As long as the show makes money (which it does) and Parker and Stone don’t mind continuing to make the show (they talk about how awesome it is to make it), it’ll go on. Hell, they did a Broadway show (The Book of Mormon) which was incredibly successful and STILL took on the work to get each episode off the ground and on the air in due time.

South Park has become one of the biggest adult-themed animated shows in recent history. Starting out in 1997, the show was originally bashed for its crude humor and even cruder cast of characters. One of the biggest upsets was when they ended a season where we were supposed to find out who Eric Cartman’s father was. Finally, after a year of teases and misleads (they actually made a “Terrance and Phillip” episode that was aired in place of the assumed second half which infuriated the show’s watchers to the point where they got threats from fans!). But as time went on, the show became a staple of American pop-culture and still continues to offend some and make others fall to the ground in laughter. Not to mention the game South Park: The Stick of Truth, which released earlier this year on major consoles and was a smash hit and made you feel as though you were playing one long episode of the series.

Are you excited to see where South Park goes this season? Sound off in the comments below!

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