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For Sonic the Hedgehog fans, First 4 Figures announced it is releasing a Modern Super Sonic statue in Q1 2016. This is the second Super Sonic figure F4F has done, with the first one being based on the classic look for Sonic. This new version is based off the Sonic Adventure series and will come in two different editions.


The regular edition is limited to 1,500 pieces retailing at $224.99 and the exclusive edition is limited to 600 pieces retailing at $249.99. What makes this figure so costly? Well first the statue stands at 16.5″ and is extremely detailed and heavy. Sonic looks ready for action in his ultimate form which from front to back looks impressive awesome.

The colors are sharp, the base looks like Sonic is just standing on the water (or maybe defeated Chaos) in his trademark red shoes, and his Super Saiyan like spikes look like he is coming at you.


The difference between the regular edition and the exclusive edition comes from the base which includes two LED lights that light up making it look like Super Sonic is fully glowing and powered up. If you have the classic Super Sonic in your collection these two will look great along with any other Sonic figures you may own.



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