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Lego Worlds

Explore. Discover. Create. Lego Worlds.

That’s what some people are reading on small flyers found inside some Lego sets, hyping up Lego Worlds. The flyer directs you to a website that is not currently active. The speculation right now is that Lego might be trying to take on the wild popularity of Minecraft.

Someone from Eurobrick forum recently posted a picture of the small flyer but no other information is available right now. Seeing as E3 is just a few weeks away, maybe we’ll get to hear more about Lego Worlds and what collectors and gamers will have to look forward to very soon. Stay tuned as more information develops.

We have Lego versions of almost every popular movie or franchise, so it only makes sense that they would also try out a Minecraft-like world since most people compare Minecraft to Legos. Lego and Minecraft have partnered before but now it seems as Lego is ready to step out into its own sandbox-style video game.

Source: Eurobricks

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