Award winning sci-fi author John Scalzi signs landmark book deal


John Scalzi, the popular  science fiction author, signed an unprecedented book deal with Tor Books this week that will pay him $3.4 million for his next 13 books over a period of 10 years. These sorts of numbers are exceptional in the science fiction space, although, it is by no means undeserved. Scalzi has earned worldwide acclaim as the author of the Old Man’s War trilogy, a series that I personally rank among my very favorite books, let alone science-fiction books.

Scalzi is also the author of the Hugo Award-winning novel, Redshirts, a novel that details the lives of the unfortunate “extras” that constantly meet an untimely end in fictional universes such as Star Trek. In addition to three new young adult novels, Scalzi will also be revisiting the Old Man’s War universe with this new book deal.

Those familiar with Scalzi’s works will no doubt be overjoyed about the fact that this talented and imaginative author will continue to tell exciting new stories for at least the next decade. And for those who have yet to read a Scalzi novel, well what are you waiting for?

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