The grid goes offline: Disney cancels Tron 3

tron-3There’s some sad news today for Tron fans. It appears that Disney has pulled the plug on the next installment in the franchise. According to the report, the film was never officially green-lit. After all, it was Disney who was not satisfied with the release Tron Legacy, despite the film garnering over four hundred million worldwide at the box office. During its opening weeks, Tron Legacy under-performed more than expected given the hype around the film. Many industry analysts claimed that film failed to reach a broader audience because it was considered too niche of a property. This was especially true as the first Tron movie was a box office failure. Despite its questionable performance, Tron had sold enough merchandise and did well; there was a strong believe that it guaranteed a sequel.

Reports came out as early as 2012 that Bruce Boxleitner and Garrett Hedlund would return for the third film. Boxleitner even said in an interview at the time that production on the film was scheduled to begin as early as fall 2014. Bruce would reveal in a later interview that the script was being rewritten and he was unaware when production would begin, but that he loved the script he had read. According to him, Tron 3 would revolve around the real world and would start right where the last one left off, with Sam trying to take back Encom.

In early march of this year, it was announced that director Joseph Kosinski would return along with Olivia Wilde. Filming was suspected to begin in October this year, with the rumored title for the film as Tron: Ascension. Rumors also began to spread that the producers were looking to add Jared Leto to the film, but an offer or negotiations never took place, and it appears they never will.

Are you disappointed that there won’t be a third Tron movie? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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