iPhone text bug teboots user’s phone


Has your iPhone been randomly shutting off while in use lately? If not, then your friends like you. There’s a text bug making its rounds across all iPhone users that will cause your phone to reboot no matter what you are doing. Using a specific code of unicode characters, all someone has to do is send it as a text to the unsuspecting user. When the iPhone alert pops up, by the time you check your phone you’ll be facing the Apple logo in its reboot cycle.

The image above shows me demonstrating it to my brother. He was totally unaware of it, so I’d thought I’d have a bit of fun. Despite what some reports have claimed, the code is mostly harmless but annoying depending on when the text was received. After I had sent my brother that text, he casually sent it back at a later time though I was completely unaware I received it. At my other job, on the other hand, it was far more vicious but hilarious at the same time.

Since most of us rely on our cell phones on the job, that text was shot between each salesmen regardless what they were doing: chatting, checking email, or even on the phone with someone. The culprit was of course a small group but was funny nonetheless. Apple is fully aware of the situation and is currently working on a remedy. For now, they offered a workaround.

Source: Apple’s Announcement and Temporary Fix

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