Capcom Pro Tour opts out of using Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 until it’s fixed


With a combined prize pool of $250,000 dollars, this year’s Capcom Pro Tour has more hungry competitors than ever before. According to Shoryuken, players and fans have been disappointed and frustrated with the recent launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 4. Numerous reports about the bugs and glitches found in the port have been staggering, prompting Capcom to stick with current-gen consoles for the rest of the tour until further notice.

One such glitch is Guile’s sonic booms are extremely hard to see.

It should be noted that Capcom had minimal involvement with the PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV, which was largely handled by Sony’s third party productions. Currently they are working to patch the issues as quickly as possible.

With major tournaments like Community Effort Orlando and Evolution happening soon, their respective organizers have chosen to remain on last gen platforms in order to ensure a smooth operation.

Source: Shoryuken

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