Invader Zim issue #2 and issue #1 Comic-Con variant revealed

Invader Zim cover

We are still quite a ways from the release of issue #1 of the comic book series return of Invader Zim. New photos were released recently of the second issue as well as a special Comic-Con exclusive variant cover. Issue #2 cover is done by the series artist Aaron Alexovich, and the story is written by Eric Trueheart and Jhonen Vasquez.

The Comic-Con exclusive variant cover for issue #1 will have 3,000 available for print. The cover is done by Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time comic artist Ian McGinty with coloring by Fred C. Stresing.

You can check out full-sized images of the covers below.

11111629_1641268652771890_6480953841132009377_n tumblr_norje7oiiZ1r67kz0o1_1280

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