Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Time to go to War’ gameplay

poison ivy batman arkham knight

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight. (This is a followup to the gameplay “Officer Down”.) Here we see Batman heading to the supposed hideout for the Scarecrow.

When he arrives, it turns out to be the sultry seductress Poison Ivy. We see her inside a capsule of some sort being held hostage, after we see Batman do away with the Scarecrow thugs surrounding him. There is one thug left inside with Ivy, and he thinks he can hold her hostage, but she has other plans.

We then get to see more action from the new Batmobile, and this time it’s fighting against tanks. The new ride is very agile from this new video; it can maneuver quickly and easily dodge incoming fire from the tanks (most of them). He finishes off the tanks with a multi-missile attack.

Check out the video below.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out June 23, 2015.

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