South Korea gets an Iron Man-themed Samsung Galaxy S6

new_Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition_KV1_640

If you’ve seen the new Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, or read any of hype surrounding the movie, you’ll know the movie and cast spent quite some time shooting in Seoul. It now looks like the citizens of the South Korean capital are about to be rewarded with first dibs on a brand new Iron Man Galaxy S6. The phone itself looks very sleek with the red and gold colour scheme, and an Iron Man logo on the back. What’s almost more esthetically pleasing is that the wireless charging station is an arc reactor! And you don’t have to build it in an Afghani desert!

The Android OS is also Iron Man themed, but Samsung is clearly not at Stark Industries level, because there is a glaring omission from this phone. Apple has Siri, and Windows has Cortana, but WHERE IS JARVIS????? This kind of thing would take this phone from cheesy marketing ploy to must-have geek accessory.

The phone is available in Korea as of today, and will release in China and Hong Kong early this summer. For now you can check out this cool unboxing vid!

Source: Samsung, Tech Crunch

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