Daredevil Season 2 audition tapes for Elektra appear online

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Word has just gotten out that two audition takes have appeared online, and they appear to be linked to Marvel’s hit Netflix series. The two videos, which are no longer available, featured two “exotic” actresses reading lines from what many believe to be scenes from the next season. If the audition tapes turn out to be real, then it means we can expect to see Elektra play a major part in the next season of Daredevil.

While the videos may have been taken down, Comicbook.com was able to transcribe the scenes before they were deleted.

Warning: This May Contain Spoilers

Elektra: Easy. No moving. No talking. Right now we play a game called, “This is not a conversation.” Sit on the bed.Thug: Please, my pills, can I get them?

Elektra: The .38’s gone. So is the knife you stashed under the pillow. Anything else I should know about?

Thug: I’m getting on a plane just like you said. Tickets on the counter.

Elektra: I saw, window seat and everything.

Thug: I told you before, you and your partner, it was a long time ago but…

Elektra: (makes a threatening move with weapon)

Thug: I’m sorry. I’m doing everything you told me to do. I’m leaving behind my whole operation.

Elektra: And when you get to wherever you’re going on, I assume you set up shop doing the same sh*t you did here.

Thug: No.

Elektra: Hurting innocent people all because you’re too lazy to get rich the hard way.

Thug: What the hell do you want from me?

Elektra: My partner was a good kid and became a hell of a grown up. But he had goodness in him, once upon a time. The way he tells it, he comes home one night and heard a blow dryer in the bathroom. Dinner’s on the table. He waits a second, but he’s starving – he’s eats alone. Assumes she’ll be out any minute – she’ll be mad, but she’ll understand. Always does. He’s a good son. He goes to find her, blow dryer still on and there she is – brains on the god damn mirror!

Thug: Your partner, that woman was his mother? And he doesn’t even know you’re here, does he?

Elektra: Sometimes it is better off not knowing.

Thug: I’m old man, I don’t have much time. I’ll give you everything.

Elektra: There is no version of this where you walk out that door.

Thug: Please, lady.

Elektra: Call me that again and I’ll cut your tongue out.

Thug: You promised you wouldn’t kill me.

Elektra: He said he wouldn’t kill you, but me, I never had goodness in me. (slow stabbing motion)

DD7_2Could Elektra be talking about Matt Murdock’s mother? From what we know in the comics, Matt’s mother was never murdered in any of the Daredevil mythos. Maggie Murdock left Matt and his father because she suffered from postpartum depression. She even tried to attack Matt as a baby, and once she came to her senses she was so ashamed she ran away and was taken in by a church. She later became a nun, but it would be quite awhile before she and Matt would reunite again.

This could be the show trying to take a different path to establish a new origin for Daredevil, which seems kind of odd because so far the show has been very true to the comic origin so far. It would not make sense for it to change things now. Then again, the original showrunner Steven Deknight will not be returning for a second season.

There is one more scene and it appears to be a flashback from Matt’s college days:

Elektra: Nice shoes, wingtips, good call. Tie them yourself?Matt Murdock: How did you know?Elektra: You don’t look like a tough read.

Matt Murdock: You never know I could surprise you.

Elektra: Doubt it.

Matt Murdock: Give it a try.

Elektra: Okay, you drink Macallan because you’re afraid beer would give you a frat boy vibe. You’ve never been inside a fraternity house. You weren’t even a boy scout. There is no club you would join because it would choke the air from your lungs. You’d suffocate. Shall I go on?

Matt Murdock: Please do.

Elektra: Now you think we’re flirting. Your mind’s racing. You’re wondering what piece of wit you can think of next. Know what your problem is? You’re pretty, but dumb. Too dumb to know the game is already over and you lost before you stepped to the plate.

Matt Murdock: You got that all from a pair of wingtips?

Elektra: Quick study.

Matt Murdock: You know what I think?

Elektra: Tell me.

Matt Murdock: You’re bored. Bored of the parties, the faculties, all of it.

Elektra: And I need just the right bad boy to take me away from all this. Is that it?

Matt Murdock: Basically.

Elektra: Know something, you’re right. (takes drink and drinks it) Let’s go.

In the first season there was a flashback scene with Foggy where there is a small mention of Elektra. Foggy ask Matt “Whatever happened to that Greek chick?”

To which Matt replies, “It didn’t work out.” Elektra does first meet Matt while he is in college with Foggy in Frank Miller’s The Man Without Fear, which the show has been greatly inspired by.

Given how big of a role Elektra has in Daredevil’s story, I believe that these audition tapes are a good indication that the sultry Greek assassin will make her presence known next season.

Remember this scene? I try to forget it.

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