Chris Pine to co-star in Wonder Woman?

chris pine

Hold on to your phasers and lassos, it is rumored that Star Trek star Chris Pine is going to be beamed into the new Wonder Woman movie as a co-star and love interest to Wonder Woman herself. According to Variety, sources say that the actor, known for his role as Captain Kirk in the newest Star Trek movies, is going to to be Steve Trevor.

According to the origin story in the comics, Trevor is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army whose plane crashed on the isolated home of the Amazons, Paradise Island. He was nursed back to health by Amazon princess Diana who returned with Trevor to the U.S. after falling in love with him. It was there that she not only became his co-worker, Diana Prince, but also Wonder Woman.

It was rumored that Scott Eastwood had gotten the part as Trevor, but according to the site, he was given the option to test for the part or get a guaranteed supporting role in Suicide Squad. He opted for the sure thing. After a number of other tests with a variety of actors, Warner Brothers reportedly decided to pursue Pine after a successful interview with him, production executives and lead star Gal Gadot.

This could be a role for Pine that leads into further appearances in DC movies, specifically those that involve the Justice League, as we already know that Wonder Woman is playing a key role in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Warner Brothers reportedly had no comment confirming or denying this rumor.

Wonder Woman is written by Jason Fuchs and directed by Patty Jenkins. It is slated for release in 2017.

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